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Israeli troops kill 3 Palestinians near Gaza fence

Israeli troops kill 3 Palestinians near Gaza fenceIsraeli troops killed three Palestinians and severely wounded a fourth near Gaza Strip's heavily guarded perimeter fence, the Gaza Health Ministry said Sunday. The Israeli military said a helicopter and a tank fired at armed suspects near the fence overnight. After weeks of calm, Palestinian militants have attempted a number of raids in recent days.

POSTED AUGUST 18, 2019 9:50 AM

French hiker missing in Italy nine days found dead

French hiker missing in Italy nine days found deadThe body of a French hiker who disappeared nine days ago south of Naples was found Sunday, local Italian authorities said. "The body of Simon Gautier has been found a short while ago," the authorities in Sapri, near Belvedere di Ciolandre where the 27-year-old hiker was found dead. Gautier called for help on August 9, saying he had fallen down a cliff and broken both legs, but was unable to give his location other than "in the middle of nowhere, on the coast".

POSTED AUGUST 18, 2019 5:58 PM

Iran warns US against seizing tanker at sea as re-named Grace-1 1eaves Gibraltar

Iran warns US against seizing tanker at sea as re-named Grace-1 1eaves GibraltarIran has warned the United States against attempting to seize the Grace 1 oil tanker on the high seas after it departed from Gibraltar following a six-week crisis.  The Grace 1, which was renamed the Adrian Darya 1 over the weekend, left an anchorage off Gibraltar after dark on Sunday night after a court dismissed an attempt by the United States to have it impounded.  This morning ship tracking data showed it heading slowly east, bound for the port of Kalamata in Greece.   Asked about the possibility of the US seizing the vessel by force at sea, Abbas Mousavi, an Iranian foreign ministry spokesman, said:  "Such an action, and even the talk of it...would endanger shipping safety in open seas "Iran has issued the necessary warnings through official channels, especially the Swiss embassy, to American officials not to commit such an error because it would have heavy consequences," he told Iranian television.   A Royal Marine boarding party seized the Grace 1 after it sailed into Gibraltar's waters on July 4, sparking a weeks long standoff between Tehran and London that culminated in Iran seizing a British flagged tanker, the Stena Impero, in the Persian Gulf.  The governments and Britain and Gibraltar said they suspected the vessel of carrying oil to Syria, in breach of sanctions against Bashar Assad's regime.  Iran accused Britain of acting on behalf of the United States, which has tried to blockade Iranian oil exports as part of a "maximum pressure" policy against Tehran, and sent revolutionary corps gunboats to seize the Stena Impero, a British flagged tanker, in the gulf on July 19.   However, Mr Mousavi on Monday denied the Stena Impero had been taken in a tit-for-tat action and said it would only be released after an Iranian court had reviewed "violations" it had committed.   Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh, a member of the Iranian parliament's national security and foreign affairs committee, appeared to hint that the British tanker would be held for several more days or even weeks.  "Until the Iranian oil tanker arrives at its destination the British must help end the crisis," Mr Falahatpisheh was quoted as saying by the semi-official ISNA news agency. "This means that the crisis with Britain is not over. Britain has the primary responsibility for ending the oil tanker crisis," he said.  A Gibraltar court cleared the Grace 1 to proceed last week after assurances were provided that it would not sail to Syria.  The United States then applied or the vessel to be impounded on the grounds that its cargo is controlled by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, which the US designates a terrorist organisation. The court rejected the application because Gibraltar is not within US jurisdiction.

POSTED AUGUST 19, 2019 5:13 AM

John Hickenlooper is out of the 2020 presidential race. That's good news for these 3 Democratic candidates

John Hickenlooper is out of the 2020 presidential race. That's good news for these 3 Democratic candidatesFormer Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper's exit from presidential race means other candidates have an opportunity to win over his supporters.

POSTED AUGUST 18, 2019 10:31 AM

Apple CEO warns Trump about China tariffs, Samsung competition

Apple CEO warns Trump about China tariffs, Samsung competitionU.S. President Donald Trump said on Sunday that he has spoken with Apple Inc's Chief Executive Tim Cook about the impact of U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports as well as competition from South Korean company Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Trump said Cook "made a good case" that tariffs could hurt Apple given that Samsung's products would not be subject to those same tariffs.

POSTED AUGUST 18, 2019 4:43 PM

Hundreds of strangers queue for El Paso shooting victim’s funeral after husband feared no one would show up

Hundreds of strangers queue for El Paso shooting victim’s funeral after husband feared no one would show upJust about every morning for the past two weeks, Antonio Basco has risen before dawn to buy as many floral bouquets as he can fit in his car and carried them to a makeshift memorial for the victims of the mass shooting in El Paso.He places the flowers one by one around the white wooden cross for Margie Reckard, his wife. This is his solemn ritual, born of grief and unmooring: tending her garden.“She loved any kind of flowers. I could walk down the street and find flowers that had been run over a thousand times, and she would think it looked like a million dollars,” Mr Basco said on Friday morning.Soon after, the La Paz Faith Memorial and Spiritual Centre in El Paso would be spilling over with bouquets, as hundreds of strangers came to pay their respects to Ms Reckard at her visitation and prayer service.Mr Basco had invited the public to the service this week, worried that he would have to bury his partner of 22 years alone.Ms Reckard, one of the 22 people killed in the attack on 3 August, has children, but Mr Basco has no direct relatives.When Perches Funeral Homes, which was handling Ms Reckard’s arrangements, learned of Mr Basco’s intentions, it extended an open invitation to the service on its Facebook page.The response was unimaginable. The funeral home received about 10,000 messages and tributes, and more than 900 floral arrangements.Perches Funeral commented that the funeral was to be relocated to a larger venue "due to the overwhelming response of the community". They sat along the front of the chapel, below the stained-glass windows, on every table in the foyer, in the fellowship hall and on the staircase. They were sent from across America. New Hampshire. Oregon. Kentucky.Some came from Dayton, Ohio, the site of a mass shooting less than a day after the attack in El Paso.And crowds filled the centre to capacity. Hundreds stood in a line snaking around the church and on the blocks beyond.“This is amazing,” Mr Basco said as he walked down the centre aisle, surveying the unfamiliar faces.“You took a stranger off the street,” he added, and showed him love.Victor and Mary Perales from El Paso said they had come to support Mr Basco because they knew something about sudden loss: their oldest son died unexpectedly two years ago.Mr Perales wrote a letter to give to Mr Basco offering his condolences but also offering friendship.“We know how hard it was for us, and we were surrounded by family. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to go through this alone,” said Victor Perales, a retired truck driver. “I said we are going to this funeral to give him a hug and let him know we can be his family.”The moment Alicia Solomon Click heard about Mr Basco, she knew she was taking a road trip. The professional singer drove six hours from Sante Fe, New Mexico, and had stood for two hours in the visitation line.“I am here to tell Mr Basco for every crazy nut there are thousands of us that love him,” said Ms Solomon Click.For part of the service, a mariachi band played as Mr Basco and Ms Reckard’s relatives greeted and hugged guests.Mr Basco met some of his wife’s relatives for the first time. When a performer began singing “Amor Eterno”, or Love Eternal, much of the church sang along.“This was an assault on all of us,” Fred Valle said of the shooting. “You don’t have to know him to feel for him.”Before bishop Harrison Johnson delivered the eulogy, he looked out into the standing-room-only sanctuary and turned to Mr Basco. “Look at all the friends you have now,” the bishop said, to thunderous applause.He preached from Matthew 14:22. Faith will get you through anything, he assured the crowd, even something as evil as the Walmart massacre. He talked about a united El Paso that was not defined or divided by colour — a direct answer to a racist attack.“Whatever you do, do not stop walking through the storm,” he said. “Don’t stop because you will walk out of the storm.”Ms Reckard’s children and grandchildren also attended the service. Her oldest son, Dean, described her as loving and kind.“She would have been overwhelmed to see all the love El Paso showed her,” he said.Mr Basco and Ms Reckard met more than two decades ago at a bar in Nebraska. He was immediately smitten.“I took one look at her eyes, and it was over with,” Mr Basco said before the service Friday, tears welling.They settled in El Paso about nine years ago, although their hobby was visiting places by train.Ms Reckard, who was a grocery store cashier in Nebraska, had several health issues, including Parkinson’s disease.Mr Basco worked at a rodeo at one point but now runs a car wash business. He was outside fixing his truck when Ms Reckard left for Walmart that Saturday morning.“She was a lady,” he said, “and she was the love of my life.”Mr Basco said that when he wants to feel closest to his wife, he heads to the makeshift memorial and talks to her. Sometimes he returns at night and sleeps next to the cross, hardly visible among the piles of flowers and mementos.The New York Times

POSTED AUGUST 17, 2019 11:41 AM

Ohio Police Arrest White Supremacist Who Allegedly Threatened to Attack Jewish Community Center

Ohio Police Arrest White Supremacist Who Allegedly Threatened to Attack Jewish Community CenterAn Ohio man was arrested on Saturday for allegedly threatening to attack a local Jewish community center.

POSTED AUGUST 18, 2019 12:20 PM

Roller coaster malfunction causes cars to collide; multiple kids taken to hospital

Roller coaster malfunction causes cars to collide; multiple kids taken to hospitalFive people were taken to the hospital Friday night after malfunctioning roller coaster failed to stop in Ocean City, Maryland.

POSTED AUGUST 17, 2019 11:08 AM

Buttigieg: opposition to gay marriage will 'wash away' among black Americans

Buttigieg: opposition to gay marriage will 'wash away' among black AmericansDemocratic 2020 presidential hopeful says change will occur when voters see his policies will work in their interests2020 Democratic presidential hopeful, South Bend, Indiana Mayor, Pete Buttigieg speaks during a campaign event at the Smokey Row coffee shop in Oskaloosa, Iowa on 15 August. Photograph: Alex Edelman/AFP/Getty ImagesOpposition to gay marriage among African Americans will “start to wash away”, Pete Buttigieg said on Sunday, when such voters “struggling to get on to right side of history” see he will work in their interests.The mayor of South Bend, Indiana, spoke to CNN’s State of the Union from Georgetown, South Carolina, a crucial early voting state which this weekend played host to a number of candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination.Buttigieg, 37, is in the top five in most polls but has not built on an initial surge. A national Fox News poll released this week gave former vice-president Joe Biden a familiar healthy lead among African American Democratic primary voters, over three senators: Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Kamala Harris of California and Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts.Polling also shows that less than half black Protestant Christians, a key voting bloc, support same-sex marriage. Buttigieg has also faced controversy arising from an officer-involved shooting of an African American man in South Bend in June but on CNN the candidate, who is married, was asked if being gay was part of what was holding him back with at least some black voters.“I think most black voters like most voters in general want to know what the candidates are actually going to do to improve their lives,” he said. “And when I talk to black voters in particular there’s a sense of having been taken for granted in politics in the sense that candidates haven’t always been speaking to them in terms of gaining their trust.”Mentioning policy proposals, Buttigieg cited his Douglass plan, named for the great 19th-century anti-slavery campaigner Frederick Douglass, that attempts to tackle “institutional racism that works on health”.He continued: “I think that a lot of these other factors start to wash away once voters understand what it’s going to mean for them that you versus the others are running for office. But we’ve got six months to make sure we get that message out … and that’s how I plan to earn support among black voters whether it’s here or across the country.”Buttigieg has been fiercely critical of Vice-President Mike Pence, like him from Indiana but an evangelical Christian and social conservative with an anti-LGBTQ record in office. On CNN, the mayor was asked if such criticism could also apply to African American primary voters who oppose gay marriage.“Well,” he said, “I think back to my experience in Indiana when I was running for re-election after I came out in a community that’s generally Democratic but also quite socially conservative. And I just laid out the case on the kind of job that I was doing.“And what I found was that a lot of people were able to move past old prejudices and move into the future. This is not an easy conversation for a lot of people who have frankly been brung up in a certain way and are struggling to get on to the right side of history.“But I also believe that this conversation is picking up speed, that it’s a healthy conversation and that where it leads is an understanding that all marginalized people need to stand together at a time when so many Americans in so many different ways, especially under this presidency, are coming under attack.”Buttigieg was also asked if he thought a vote for Donald Trump, who he has said is a white nationalist, would be a racist act.“At best it means looking the other way,” he said.

POSTED AUGUST 18, 2019 10:52 AM

The Latest: Families bury their dead after wedding attack

The Latest: Families bury their dead after wedding attackThe United States envoy who is negotiating with the Taliban to end the war in Afghanistan says the peace process needs to be accelerated in the wake of a deadly attack on a wedding in the capital, which was claimed by the local Islamic State affiliate. Zalmay Khalilzad said in a Twitter post Sunday that success in the peace process — one that includes the Taliban talking with the Afghan government and other Afghans — will put the country in a "much stronger" position to defeat the IS affiliate.

POSTED AUGUST 18, 2019 5:12 PM

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